Miscellaneous Services

Western Suffolk 亚色影库 offers a variety of聽administrative services more cost-effectively than local聽school districts can provide on their own.


AESOP – Automated Educational Substitute Operator

Program # 649.010
Dr. Hugh M. Gigante, (631) 549-4900, ext. 206

This is a web-based substitute placement service for K-12 school districts.聽 Remotely hosted integrated telephone and internet system means no equipment costs or impact on your local servers.聽 AESOP is available 24/7 by web or by phone, saving hours of manual sub-calling.聽 Real-time absence data analysis and reporting, as well as payroll interface-ready reports are available.


Superintendent’s Hearing Services

Program #607.013
Barbara Graziano, (631) 595-6802

This service offers assistance in conducting hearings, reviewing records, and interviewing witnesses resulting in a written report with recommendations to the Superintendent.


Flexible Benefits–Section 125 Program

Program #618.010
Warren E. Taylor, (631) 549-4900, ext. 210

This program develops and administers a Section 125 Flexible Benefits Plan for employees of a school district.


Public Information Service

Program #635.010
Nancy Fischetti, (631) 549-4900 ext. 224

Comprehensive Service
Shared professional staff will provide a comprehensive school public relations program. Overall program coordinator will train staff and supervise the planning, organizing and implementation of a public information program in each district. In addition, the coordinator will conduct training and planning sessions for in-district staff and/or board members to help them build a comprehensive public relations program that addresses concerns within their community. Cost associated with printing of developed public relations materials are not covered by this service.

Project-by-Project Service
Districts can avail themselves of professional staff for individual projects such as budget brochures, calendars, newsletters or the coordination of any other public relations project.