Student Support Services

Susan Kessler (631) 595-6814
The Student Support Services Center provides programs and services that support school improvement by addressing those barriers to learning that focus on the physical, social and emotional development needs of students.聽 School and student health are essential components of a comprehensive approach to increasing student achievement in the 21st century.聽 These professional development opportunities use evidence-based strategies to increase student attendance, decrease the incidents of violence and suspensions and ultimately improve academic success.

Student Support – Professional Development

Program #506.040
Susan Kessler (631) 595-6814
Customized professional development programs, including Superintendents Conference Days, are available in the following areas:

  • Substance use and abuse
  • School nursing/health services
  • Health services overviews for new and returning nurses
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Hands-only CPR/first aid
  • Physical education/activity
  • PE Plan update
  • School nutrition programs
  • School safety
  • School wellness
  • Comprehensive health education
  • Mental health first aid (youth and adult)

Additional topics include social/emotional learning, dating violence, eating disorders, prescription drug abuse, cyber-bullying and on-line predators.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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