Planning Services

Western Suffolk 亚色影库 can help districts plan for the future with demographic, enrollment and facilities studies.聽 These may include analysis of demographic trends within a district, enrollment projections, an analysis of the current utilization of facilities and an exploration of future organizational alternatives. Services are grounded in a thorough review of current research and an extensive evaluation of a district’s needs and goals.

Enrollment Analysis

Every year Western Suffolk 亚色影库 compiles demographic data on local public school enrollment.聽 These studies can be downloaded at no charge:

Western Suffolk 亚色影库 Regional Public School Enrollment
Bi-County (Nassau and Suffolk) Enrollment

Comprehensive Long-Range District Planning

Program #607.010
This service provides comprehensive, pertinent information including analysis of demographics, enrollment trends/projections, functional utilization of school facilities, and long and short-term space alternatives.聽 This service provides five to ten years of planning data and satisfies Section 155.1 of the Commissioner’s regulations concerning enrollment and facilities.

Location Analytics

Program #607.010
The GIS service allows districts to create scenarios for reassigning enrollment zones, closing a school, or optimizing resources that meet individual needs. Learn more at .

Long-Range Planning Update

Program #607.011
An update is offered to districts that have contracted within the past three years for a comprehensive study. This update provides current demographic information and updated enrollment projections based on the most recent trends within the district.

Grants and Educational Research Service

Program #607.012
This service provides technical assistance, draft applications, local research initiatives, reports and other specialized projects to component districts.聽 Other services include in-depth assistance in planning and preparation of competitive grant proposals including:

  • Assessment of needs and potential eligibility
  • Facilitation of team planning/consortium development
  • Assistance in preparation/writing of competitive grants
  • Assistance in preparation of required program/fiscal reports
  • Research reports, as requested