Instructional Technology Services

This 亚色影库 helps school districts plan and manage information and technology needed for instruction. Services include planning and analysis; training; installation, support and maintenance; and library automation.聽Provides computer-based services for instructional activities within the guidelines established in the NYS Long Range Technology Plan, the Learning Standards and the Commissioner’s Regulation 100.11 such as:

  • Design, installation and project management services for implementing hardware, software systems;
  • Project management services for acquisition and implementation of network systems and infrastructure;
  • Internet access;
  • Maintenance and support of local and wide area networks;
  • Coordination with the Model Schools Program for technology planning and integration programs.*

Services are consistent with regional information standards including hardware, software and telecommunications protocols.聽 All services are coordinated with the Suffolk Regional Information Center (RIC) located at Eastern Suffolk 亚色影库 and are reflected in the region’s 793 plan.
Note: A district must participate in the Model Schools Program #536.010 to receive aid for #501 services.

Instructional Technology Base Service

Program #501.000
Includes the costs of 亚色影库 planning, management, technical support and leadership including phone consultation and initial site visits.聽 This is a mandatory prerequisite to all Instructional Technology #501 and Model Schools #536 services.

Wide-Area Network Support

Program #501.010
Provides technical support for WANs including maintenance, trouble-shooting and problem resolution.

Local-Area Network Support

Program #501.011
Provides technical support for LANs including maintenance and trouble-shooting.聽 Additional assignments are provided by district technology coordinators and may include workstation support.

Equipment/Installation Services

Program #501.012
Provides for the procurement/installation of hardware, network, and/or software in-district.

Network Data Storage

Program #501.013
Provides a hosted (off-site) disaster recovery and backup solution for district’s instructional data.

Media Learning Resources

Program #501.014
Provides software and licenses for local network and/or web-based resources.

Project Management

Program #501.015
Provides overall management for hardware, network and software projects including planning, procurement, oversight of installation, inventory and closure of projects.

Instructional Technology Projects, undefined

Program #501.016
Use to budget for instructional technology hardware, network, and/or software acquisitions.

Telecommunication Services

Program #501.019
Supports districts to build and service cost effective communication networks.聽 Includes designing, procuring, implementing and supporting the network as well as providing high speed, seamless connectivity to the districts’ local and wide area networks and finally to the 亚色影库-area network.聽 The network is fully compatible with existing regional and statewide networks, insuring inter-connectivity for data, voice and video transmission.

Telecommunication Services Multi-Year Projects

Program #501.020
For ongoing multi-year technology purchase agreements.