Exploratory Enrichment

Program #435

Susan Kessler, (631) 595-6814
Peggy Unger, (631) 360-3652

Click the link above to explore the wide array of programs available to schools. The list is sorted by topic and is updated continously.

About the Program

Exploratory Enrichment
The Exploratory Enrichment service facilitates experiences that extend beyond traditional classroom instruction.聽 Western Suffolk 亚色影库 coordinates schedules and contracts for K-12 presentations, workshops, in-school programs and field trips.聽 Member districts can choose from an array of service providers whose programs reinforce NYS Learning Standards with content not found in standard classroom coursework.聽 Through this program, 亚色影库 will:

  • Maintain a database of enrichment activities by topic and grade level;
  • Facilitate searches initiated by school personnel or parent-teacher representatives who seek appropriate sites for field trips, guest speakers or workshop presenters to provide enrichment experiences for students in K-12;
  • Encourage the sharing of information between 亚色影库 and schools by moderating a Facebook page for Exploratory Enrichment.
  • Screen and evaluate programs for suitability as enrichment activities for different grade levels;
  • Coordinate the scheduling of Exploratory Enrichment activities held in school buildings;
  • Include a coordinating fee

An alphabetical listing of the programs by category that have been approved can be viewed by clicking the link below. Each program listing includes a link to the corresponding website.

Programs require four weeks to process. Programs marked in red require Board approval. Contact Peggy Unger for dates. Programs marked in green require six (6) weeks to process. You should notify any program asking your school for a deposit that you will be contracting with Western Suffolk 亚色影库. Do not send a deposit and contact our office.

If the program you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us and we will try to add it to our offerings. We would be happy to help you research and plan your future programs.