Manor Plains High School

With Small Class Size Programs at Wilson Tech鈥檚 Huntington Campus
200 Little Plains Road Huntington, NY 11743
Program #243.010
Fran Crocco, Assistant Principal
(631) 754-2900

This secondary program, a collaborative effort between the Special Education Division and the Career & Technical Education Division, prepares high school students for graduation and enables them to be self-sufficient adults with ongoing employment and ability to live independently. Students are exposed to various vocational training experiences in this program. Special education staff provide academic instruction that incorporates the Common Core Learning Standard, while vocational education teachers teach the skills needed in each student’s chosen vocation.

All students at Manor Plains High School participate in one of the small class size programs offered through Wilson Tech. In addition to learning work-based skills, Tech鈥檚 Huntington campus also offers MPHS students opportunities to participate in leadership organizations and skills competitions.

Available Class Size Groupings
Option IIIA
8 Students : 1 Teacher + 1 Paraprofessional Designed for students with intensive management needs. The behavior of students in this level of service may be characterized by some degree of aggression, inappropriate responses, self-abusive or withdrawn.