James E. Allen Jr./Sr. High School

35 Carman Road, Dix Hills, NY 11746
Program #242.010, 243.010, 244.010
Martin Hearney, Principal
(631) 549-5580

James E. Allen Jr./Sr. High School serves students ages 12 through 21 who present a range of disabilities and require intensive support. Classroom instruction incorporates the Common Core Learning Standards, and major emphasis is on developing life skills so students may be successfully placed in a supportive work environment upon graduation.

A variety of training opportunities for supportive employment including a comprehensive Work Activities Center is available. Many of the students participate in travel training to assist them in independent ambulation within the community. Most students participate in community-based vocational sites and receive training by working with non-disabled individuals.

The program’s team approach brings together the related service staff, program psychologists, and social workers who work in concert with the classroom staff to maximize each child’s potential. The services of a consulting psychiatrist are available for those developmentally disabled students who also have psychiatric needs. The highest priorities within this program are to help students to develop functional and independent living skills for daily living activities and prepare for success in the New York State Alternate Assessments.

Available Class Size Groupings
Option II
12 Students : 1 Teacher + 1 Paraprofessional Designed for students who exhibit special needs which interfere with the instructional process to the extent that an additional adult must assist with classroom instruction and management.

Option IIIA
8 Students : 1 Teacher + 1 Paraprofessional Designed for students with intensive management needs. The behavior of students in this level of service may be characterized by some degree of aggression, inappropriate responses, self-abusive or withdrawn.

Option IV
9 Students: 1 Teacher + 3 Paras/Support/Related Services Staff Designed for students with intensive management needs. Due to multiple disabilities, these students require intense supervision for daily living support. Students generally require
assistance in ambulation, feeding, toileting and other basic life skills to ensure a healthy and safe environment.