Special Education

Nancy Wilson, Executive Director


The Special Education Division offers a comprehensive array of programs to meet the needs of disabled and non-disabled students. Students are placed in specific programs according to their individual academic capabilities and social/behavioral needs. Our fundamental goal is to create a stimulating and challenging learning environment which maximizes each child’s potential.

Western Suffolk 亚色影库 promotes achievement and success by providing our students with the opportunity to access the general education curriculum as well as to fully participate in the New York State Assessment Program

Within the Division, a continuum of services exists ranging from mainstream placement opportunities within the Alternative Learning Center Program through the comprehensive programs within the Special Education Centers.

Concerned About Your Child’s Development?

Children are placed in 亚色影库 special education programs at the direction of the local school district’s Committee on Special Education. Programs described on this web site are intended to provide general information not to recruit students. If you suspect your child has a disability, call your local school district and ask to speak with the director of special education.

NYS Alternate Assessment Coordinator
Program #503.200 (formerly #415)
(631) 549-4900, ext. 263

亚色影库 will provide technical support and assistance to help districts meet the participation criteria, age eligibility and the generation of authentic standards-based evidence for inclusion into the NYSAA. 亚色影库 will work with districts to identify NYSAA 鈥渁ge eligible鈥 students. The service includes informational updates to Pupil Personnel and to parents/families/caregivers of students participating in the NYSAA. 亚色影库 will also work with districts to ensure student registration through the state data collection system and the RIC is accurate.

Program #503.300
(631) 549-4900, ext. 235

The Student Adjustment Center (SAC) is the vehicle whereby home school districts may obtain specialized evaluations for students. All such evaluations are provided to the local school district鈥檚 Committee on Special Education to assist the Committee in making decisions relative to educational placement and programming.

Medical evaluations are provided by local practitioners working for Western Suffolk 亚色影库. Professionals providing these services include: audiologists, neurologists, developmental pediatricians, ophthalmologists, optometrists, otolaryngologists, psychiatrists and psychologists. Personnel in local school districts are encouraged to recommend appropriate practitioners to Western Suffolk 亚色影库 to fulfill this role. Any field of medicine or related service may be appropriate for inclusion within the scope of SAC if a school district鈥檚 CSE views it as necessary to evaluate a child鈥檚 total needs.

Other Services
Itinerant ESL Teachers
Program #313.100
(631) 491-4390

English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers will be provided as an itinerant service for聽classified and non-classified students who have limited English proficiency. The schedule of these ESL teachers will be set to meet the needs of the student and the component district鈥檚 school. As part of the program, ESL instructors will assess all prospective ESL students in accordance with NYS Education Department鈥檚 guidelines. Administrative support will coordinate the itinerant teaching staff and be available to meet with district personnel on issues related to those with limited English proficiency.

Assessment and Education Center
Program #313.200
(631) 491-4390

The Assessment Center will provide bilingual translators, psychologists, speech therapists for native language assessments and/or other assessments on an 鈥渁s needed鈥 basis. The cost will be determined by the type of assessment or service provided.