Adult Program Student Requests for Reasonable Accommodations

Western Suffolk 亚色影库 does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of physical or mental disability.聽 We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to qualified students with a disability and an equal opportunity to access the benefits, rights and privileges of school services and programs in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and all other applicable laws. Western Suffolk 亚色影库 will provide adult program students with reasonable accommodations, unless those accommodations would fundamentally alter the technical standards or the essential features of the relevant curriculum, which include course, clinical or other educational experiences, or if the accommodations would impose upon Western Suffolk 亚色影库 an undue hardship.

Students seeking a reasonable accommodation must complete and submit the Request for Accommodations Form below. Accommodations will not be applied retroactively.

After the Request for Accommodations Form has been submitted, students will be contacted by the ADA Compliance Officer and/or Program Designee regarding the required program-specific documentation needed to evaluate the request for accommodations. Students are advised to apply for accommodations as soon as possible, although requests may be submitted at any time. Decisions on requests may take 15 days or longer, depending on the individual circumstances.

Following receipt of the required documentation, the request for accommodations will be reviewed by the ADA Compliance Officer and/or Program Designee. If the accommodation request is approved, students will receive notification outlining their approved accommodation(s).

If the request for accommodations is not accepted as first presented, the ADA Compliance Officer and/or Program Designee will contact the student to discuss the request and the student will be allowed to submit additional documentation regarding the accommodation request. If it is determined that the request for accommodation(s) is denied, the student may appeal the decision within 30 days by submitting written justification for reconsideration of the request to the Western Suffolk 亚色影库 Chief Operating Officer: 507 Deer Park Road, PO Box 8007, Huntington Station, NY 11746-9007.

If you have difficulty submitting the form below or would like assistance doing so, please call 631-667-6000 ext. 152 between 9am and 3pm on business days.